Acrylic Enamels

These are a high performance acrylic enamel system specially formulated for the automotive, fleet and industrial use. They exhibit easy application, fast dry times, economical pricing with a combination of superior gloss and excellent D.O.I. They can be applied as a single stage, with or without hardener and as a basecoat when mixed with our AAE-0140-4 Basecoat Maker.

Product Description Size Case Qty
AAE-0140-4 Basecoat Maker QT 6
AAE-1000-1 White GAL 2
AAE-1014-1 Arctic White GAL 2
AAE-1014-4 Arctic White QT 6
AAE-1002-1 Fleet White GAL 2
AAE-1414-1 Performance White GAL 2
AAE-3000-1 Bright Yellow GAL 2
AAE-3001-1 New Cat Yellow GAL 2
AAE-4000-1 Orange GAL 2
AAE-5000-1 Porsche Red GAL 2
AAE-5501-1 Candy Apple Red GAL 2
AAE-5502-1 Dark Red Metallic GAL 2
AAE-6001-1 Forest Green GAL 2
AAE-6500-1 Bright Teal Metallic GAL 2
AAE-7000-1 Dark Blue GAL 2
AAE-7500-1 Canyon Blue Metallic GAL 2
AAE-7501-1 Dark Blue Metallic GAL 2
AAE-9000-1 Black GAL 2
AAE-9020-1 Light Grey Metallic GAL 2
AAE-9021-1 Dove Grey GAL 2

Mix Ratio

  • 8PartsAcrylic Enamel Color
  • 1PartActivator (Optional)
  • 1PartReducer