Acrylic Lacquer Primer Surfacer

A premium primer surfacer that provides outstanding build for fast filling without shrinkage. It can be easily sanded wet or dry to a fine featheredge and offers excellent adhesion and color holdout.

Product Description Size Case Qty
APR-1220-1 Grey GAL 2
APR-1220-4 Grey QT 6
APR-1221-1 Hot Rod Black GAL 2
APR-1221-4 Hot Rod Black QT 6
APR-1222-1 Red GAL 2
APR-1222-4 Red QT 6
APR-1223-1 White GAL 2
APR-1223-4 White QT 6

Mix Ratio

1 Primer to 1 Solvent Mix Ratio Icon
  • 1PartAcrylic Lacquer Primer Surfacer
  • 1PartCompliant Solvent