Aluminum Clear

ALUMINUM CLEAR is a medium solids, high quality production clearcoat that can be used for spot, panel and overall repairs. It features exceptional clarity, excellent flow and high gloss. It is designed for shops looking for a great Direct To Metal clear.

Product Description Size Case Qty
ACL-3100-1 Aluminum Clear GAL 2
ACL-3100-4 Aluminum Clear QT 6
BCL-3001-4 Fast Activator QT 4
BCL-3001-6 Fast Activator HP 6
BCL-3002-4 Medium Activator QT 4
BCL-3002-6 Medium Activator HP 6
BCL-3003-4 Slow Activator QT 4
BCL-3003-6 Slow Activator HP 6

Mix Ratio

  • 4PartsAluminum Clear
  • 1PartSuper-Pro MS Clear Activator