DTM 2K Primer Surfacer 2.1 VOC

Formulated to provide excellent adhesion, good corrosion resistance, easy sanding and fast dry times. 2.1 VOC DTM is designed to be used over properly prepared steel, aluminum, fiberglass and previously painted surfaces. This 2K primer surfacer can be topcoated with any paint system. Used as directed, it is ready-to-spray when mixed at a ratio of 4:1 with the activator.

Product Description Size Case Qty
APR-1300-1 Grey GAL 2
APR-1300-4 Grey QT 6
BPR-1304-4 Catalyst QT 4
BPR-1304-6 Catalyst HP 6

Mix Ratio

  • 4PartsDTM 2K Primer Surfacer 2.1 VOC
  • 1PartCatalyst
  • 1PartCompliant Reducer