Epoxy Primer 2.1 VOC

Provides excellent corrosion resistance and exceptional adhesion to properly prepared substrates. It can be used on steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, fiberglass, some plastics and properly prepared, cured finishes. It requires no induction time and it can be painted in 30 minutes when used as a sealer. DO NOT USE OVER ELASTOMER (FLEXIBLE) PRIMERS. The cured product is sandable and it’s available in gray, black and white.

Product Description Size Case Qty
APR-2259-1 Grey GAL 2
APR-2259-4 Grey QT 6
BPR-2250-1 Catalyst GAL 2
BPR-2250-4 Catalyst QT 4

Mix Ratio

  • 1PartEpoxy Primer 2.1 VOC
  • 1PartCatalyst