Euro 2.1 Acrylic Urethane Clear

Is a premium, medium-high solids, European quality, 2.1 VOC urethane clear that can be used in spot, panel and overall repairs. It features outstanding hardness, easy buffing, premium gloss with no die back and long lasting color retention when used as directed. This product is designed for situations where a show car finish is desired, without the show car finish price. EURO 2.1 IS NOT TO BE USED OVER OEM OR REFINISH LACQUER.

Product Description Size Case Qty
ACL-1310-5L Euro 2.1 5L 2
ACL-1310-4 Euro 2.1 QT 6
BCL-1311-2L Fast Activator 2.5L 2
BCL-1311-8 Fast Activator PT 6
BCL-1312-2L Medium Activator 2.5L 2
BCL-1312-8 Medium Activator PT 6
BCL-1313-2L Slow Activator 2.5L 2
BCL-1313-8 Slow Activator PT 6

Mix Ratio

  • 2PartsEuro 2.1 Acrylic Urethane Clear
  • 1PartActivator
  • 1PartCompliant Reducer