Factory Pack Basecoats

Axis Factory Pack Basecoats are a 3.5 VOC urethane basecoat supplied in five highly popular colors, Black, Satellite Silver, Viper Red, Super White II and Arctic White. Just add equal amounts of Axis Basecoat and Axis Reducer, mix well and you are ready to spray!

Product Description Size Case Qty
BC212-1 Black (GM WA8555) GAL 2
BC212-4 Black (GM WA8555) QT 6
BC213-4 Viper Red (Chrysler PRN) QT 6
BC217-4 Satellite Silver (GM WA303M) QT 6
BC250-1 Super White II (Toyota 040) GAL 2
BC250-4 Super White II (Toyota 040) QT 6
BC251-1 Arctic White (GM WA9567) GAL 2
BC251-4 Arctic White (GM WA9567) QT 6

Mix Ratio

  • 1PartAxis Factory Pack Basecoat Color
  • 1PartAxis Reducer