Final Touch – Static Reducing Wipe

AXIS® Performance Coatings proudly introduces the Final Touch Wiping System. Consisting of products that, until now, were only available to OEMs. The Final Touch Wiping System is unsurpassed for performance and reliability. Beginning with our Tack cloth and ending with our Static Reducing Wipe, our system will create the pristine surface all refinishers require.

  • The SRW (Static Reducing Wipe) is made of the same substrate material as our Tackcloth and contains propylene glycol and quaternary salts.
  • Lint-free
  • Eliminates paint defects caused by static charges
  • No marring, even when great pressure is applied during wiping
  • OEM Approved
  • Can be used with waterborne paint systems
Product Description Size Case Qty
AWS-2850 Static Reducing Wipe (12/Box) BOX 5

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