Prestige Clear 2.1 VOC

Prestige Clear 2.1 VOC is a high quality urethane clear with an easy to use 1:1 mix ratio. It has wonderful long term durability, exceptional flow and leveling, high gloss with excellent Distinction of Image (DOI). It is well suited to spot, panel or overall applications and for increased productivity, Prestige Clear 2.1 VOC can be applied wet on wet.

Product Description Size Case Qty
ACL-1400-2L Prestige Clear 2.1 VOC 2.5L 2
ACL-1400-4 Prestige Clear 2.1 VOC QT 6
BCL-1401-2L Fast Activator 2.5L 2
BCL-1401-4 Fast Activator QT 4
BCL-1402-2L Medium Activator 2.5L 2
BCL-1402-4 Medium Activator QT 4
BCL-1403-2L Slow Activator 2.5L 2
BCL-1403-4 Slow Activator QT 4

Mix Ratio

  • 1PartPrestige Clear 2.1 VOC
  • 1PartActivator