Maintenance Enamels

A high performance synthetic enamel system specially formulated for the fleet, maintenance and industrial use. They exhibit easy application, fast dry times, economical pricing with a combination of superior gloss and excellent D.O.I. They can be applied as a single stage, with or without hardener.

Product Description Size Case Qty
AME-2005-1 Flat Black GAL 2
AME-2007-1 Gloss Black GAL 2
AME-2010-1 Pure White GAL 2
AME-2021-1 Olympic White GAL 2
AME-2289-1 Silver GAL 2
AME-2325-1 International Harvester Red GAL 2

Mix Ratio

  • 8PartsMaintenance Enamel Color
  • 1PartActivator (Optional)