Quick Mix

Is a 2.8 VOC – factory pack/intermix system, consisting of a selection of 11 popular colors, with the capability of producing around 40 additional colors by intermixing the factory packs. This system has superior gloss and DOI. Easy to mix and apply. Has outstanding durability, and can be delivered the next day with no dieback when used as directed.

Product Description Size Case Qty
AQM-8100-1 Pure White GAL 2
AQM-8101-1 Fine Metallic GAL 2
AQM-8102-1 Coarse Metallic GAL 2
AQM-8103-1 Caterpillar Yellow GAL 2
AQM-8104-1 Safety Yellow GAL 2
AQM-8106-1 Bright Red GAL 2
AQM-8110-1 Red Metallic GAL 2
AQM-8111-1 Teal Metallic GAL 2
AQM-8112-1 Medium Blue GAL 2
AQM-8113-1 Blue Metallic GAL 2
AQM-8114-1 Black GAL 2
AQM-8115-1 Kubota Orange GAL 2
AQM-8116-1 John Deere Green GAL 2
AQM-8184-1 Flat Black GAL 2
AQM-8208-1 Trans Yellow Oxide Toner GAL 2
AQM-8209-1 Trans Red Oxide Toner GAL 2
AQM-8210-1 Magenta Toner GAL 2
AQM-8211-1 Maroon Toner GAL 2
AQM-8200-4 Flattening Agent QT 6
AQM-8207-1 Mixing Binder GAL 2
BQM-8370-4 Fast Activator QT 4
BQM-8370-6 Fast Activator HP 6
BQM-8380-4 Medium Activator QT 4
BQM-8380-6 Medium Activator HP 6
BQM-8390-4 Slow Activator QT 4
BQM-8390-6 Slow Activator HP 6