Slick & Quick 2

A quality yet economical urethane clear designed to be used when fast dry times are needed. It matches the gloss and durability of today’s OEM basecoat/clearcoat finishes. SLICK & QUICK 2 is specially suited for high volume body shops specializing in high quality collision repair.

Product Description Size Case Qty
SQ-2101 Slick & Quick 2 GAL 2
SQ-2104 Slick & Quick 2 QT 6
SQB-2184 Medium Activator QT 4
SQB-2186 Medium Activator HP 6
SQB-2194 Slow Activator QT 4
SQB-2196 Slow Activator HP 6
SQB-2294 Hot Weather Activator QT 4

Mix Ratio

  • 4PartsSlick & Quick 2
  • 1PartActivator