Tint-A-Prime consists of 5 Universal High Opacity toners specifically formulated to work best with our tintable primer and sealer products, a primer base and a sealer base. The primer and sealer both come in National Rule and 2.1 VOC formulation. Because these toners were formulated to work with primers and sealers, key properties such as dry times, sandability and adhesion are not compromised, unlike many other approaches.

Product Description Size Case Qty
TAP-1000-4 Tint-A-Prime White QT 6
TAP-3100-4 Tint-A-Prime Yellow QT 6
TAP-5000-4 Tint-A-Prime Red QT 6
TAP-5100-5 Tint-A-Prime High Strength Red QT 6
TAP-7000-4 Tint-A-Prime Blue QT 6
TAP-9000-4 Tint-A-Prime Black QT 6