Versaprime 2K HB

Is a premium, ultra high build, 2K primer with excellent color holdout and no shrinkage. It can be used as a primer surfacer or a new parts sealer. It has fast recoat and sand times, allowing fast productivity at the shop. It is also compatible with any refinishing system on the market.

Product Description Size Case Qty
APR-1262-1 Tintable GAL 2
APR-1262-4 Tintable QT 6
APR-1263-1 Buff GAL 2
APR-1263-4 Buff QT 6
APR-1261-1 Grey GAL 2
APR-1261-4 Grey QT 6
BPR-1260-4 Catalyst QT 4
BPR-1260-6 Catalyst HP 6

Mix Ratio

  • 4PartsVersaprime (5 Parts when Tinted)
  • 1PartCatalyst
  • 1PartCompliant Reducer