Versaseal 2K

Is a premium quality, two-component urethane primer sealer system that provides ultimate performance, productivity and versatility. A total of 25 shades of bright colors can be achieved using our highly concentrated TINT-A-PRIME tints. Topcoat between 30 minutes and 48 hours, after 48 hours sealer must scuffed with a 600 grit sandpaper to insure proper adhesion. Available in 2.1 VOC.

Product Description Size Case Qty
APR-1272-1 Tintable GAL 2
APR-1275-1 Grey GAL 2
APR-1275-4 Grey QT 6
APR-1276-1 White GAL 2
APR-1276-4 White QT 4
APR-1277-1 Black GAL 2
APR-1277-4 Black QT 4
BPR-1270-4 Normal Catalyst QT 4
BPR-1270-6 Normal Catalyst HP 6
BPR-1271-4 Hot Weather Catalyst QT 4
BPR-1271-6 Hot Weather Catalyst HP 6

Mix Ratio

  • 4PartsVersaseal 2K (5 Parts for Tinted)
  • 1PartCatalyst