Victory Clear

VICTORY CLEAR is a quality production clearcoat that can be used for spot, panel and overall repairs. It features exceptional clarity, excellent flow and high gloss. It is designed for shops looking for a lower cost great multipurpose clear.

Product Description Size Case Qty
ACL-1100-1 Victory Clear GAL 2
ACL-1100-4 Victory Clear QT 6
BCL-1101-4 Fast Activator QT 4
BCL-1101-6 Fast Activator HP 6
BCL-1102-4 Medium Activator QT 4
BCL-1102-6 Medium Activator HP 6
BCL-1103-4 Slow Activator QT 4
BCL-1103-6 Slow Activator HP 6

Mix Ratio

  • 4PartsVictory Clear
  • 1PartVictory Clear Activator