2K Performance Accelerator

An easy to use accelerator that works with any urethane catalyzed system. When adding the proper amount, cure times of the urethane product are significantly improved, by approximately 50%.

Product at a Glance

Mix Ratio: Add up to 1/2 oz per sprayable quart of urethane clear, single stage color or 2K primer.

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Acrylic Enamel Wet Look Hardener

Designed for a super high gloss finish for refinishing the entire vehicle using acrylic enamels. It speeds dry time, increases gloss, improves chemical and corrosion resistance and decreases sensitivity to re-coat. See Acrylic Enamel section for suggested use.

  • Fast Drying
  • Can be Applied as a Basecoat
  • Outstanding Gloss
  • Can be Applied with or without Activator
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