Plastic Sheeting

Is a high density sheeting that clings to the vehicle without dust attracting static. Corona treated to prevent overspray flake-off. Film unfolds easily, yet clings to the vehicle allowing easy application.

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Superior Green Paper

Starts with the finest machine-finish masking-grade money can buy. We then do an additional process called machine glazing that presses the fibers to a very tight bond resulting in a higher sheen and excellent bleed through resistance. Thus meeting the same specs of other machine glazed paper in the PBE aftermarket.

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Urethane Grade Masking Paper

Meets and surpasses all competition for all urethane grade paper in the market place. Holds all urethane air dried paints sold in the aftermarket today. A guarantee when used with the poly side out. If blue poly is what you are looking for, AXIS Blue Shield will satisfy all your requirements.

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