Acrylic Enamel Reducer

Formulated as high quality, acrylic enamel reducer, to produce a smooth and even flow-out for applications. Can also be used in spot, panel and overall refinishing to produce brilliant gloss and superior leveling.

Product Description Size Case Qty
AAR-0500-1 Fast GAL 4
AAR-0500-5 Fast 5G 1
AAR-0500-9 Fast DRM 1
AAR-0510-1 Medium GAL 4
AAR-0510-4 Medium QT 12
AAR-0510-5 Medium 5G 1
AAR-0510-9 Medium DRM 1
AAR-0520-1 Slow GAL 4
AAR-0520-5 Slow 5G 1
AAR-0530-1 Extra Slow GAL 4
AAR-0530-5 Extra Slow 5G 1