Epox-Prime & Seal

Epox-Prime & Seal is a two-component, epoxy primer with good film build and exceptional anti-corrosion properties. It has excellent adhesion to properly sanded and cleaned bare metals, including aluminum. It levels to an almost texture-free surface with excellent gloss holdout. It can be sanded, when needed, and the three colors can be intermixed to achieve various shades of gray. It is V.O.C. compliant in North America and available in quarts and gallons.

Product Description Size Case Qty
APR12311-1 Epox-Prime & Seal Gray GAL 2
APR12311-4 Epox-Prime & Seal Gray QT 6
APR12321-1 Epox-Prime & Seal Black GAL 2
APR12321-4 Epox-Prime & Seal Black QT 6
APR12331-1 Epox-Prime & Seal White GAL 2
APR12331-4 Epox-Prime & Seal White QT 6

Mix Ratio

  • 4PartsEpox-Prime & Seal
  • 1PartEpox-Prime & Seal Activator