Premium VOC Exempt Urethane Reducer

These reducers are designed to be used in AXIS products where a quality urethane reducer is needed but compliance with VOC regulations need to be met.

Product Description Size Case Qty
ZR-0670-1 Fast GAL 4
ZR-0670-4 Fast QT 12
ZR-0670-5 Fast 5G 1
ZR-0680-1 Medium GAL 4
ZR-0680-4 Medium QT 12
ZR-0680-5 Medium 5G 1
ZR-0690-1 Slow GAL 4
ZR-0690-4 Slow QT 12
ZR-0690-5 Slow 5G 1
ZR-0695-1 Extra Slow GAL 4
ZR-0695-4 Extra Slow QT 12
ZR-0695-5 Extra Slow 5G 1

Safety Data Sheets