50 State Satin Coating

  • A 2 component acrylic urethane coating that is 2.8 V.O.C. compliant
  • This product is compliant for California
  • Mixes 4:1 with VACTR-4 or VACTS-4
  • An excellent coating for restoration, striping, coating frames, engine compartments, or any place a primer like coating is needed
  • Formulated to withstand the same atmospheric conditions as any single-stage urethane system
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Accelerated Urethane Reducer

AUR880 Accelerated Urethane Reducer is a uniquely formulated universal reducer designed to accelerate cure times without sacrificing quality and useable potlife. This reducer can be used in clearcoat systems.

  • Reduces dry-to-sand times by 50%
  • Slightly shortens useable potlife
  • Add 5-10% to sprayable material
  • Does not sacrifice flow, gloss, DOI or blending of clearcoats
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AXI-ASC0130-1 Acetone


Is a high–grade, fast evaporating, water soluble chemical. It is widely used for cleaning surfaces prior to painting in the Automotive and Marine Industry and can be used as a solvent for lacquers, contact cement and epoxies.

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AXI-ASC0100-1 Gunwash Solvent

Gunwash Solvent

Formulated to be used in most guns as a quick cutting and slow evaporating solvent. Used as a straight gun cleaner, its quality is much stronger than a general-purpose lacquer thinner.

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Hydro-Clean Compliant Cleaning Solvent

Hydro-Clean compliant solvent is a cleaner/detergent for water based/waterborne colors. This product can also be used for cleaning most acrylic or emulsion paints. It was developed primarily for usage in automatic spray gun cleaning equipment, but may also be used for manual cleaning. This product is in a concentrated form and MUST be mixed with tap water. The mixing ratio is one part (one gallon) concentrate to three parts (three gallons) tap water. The product will not perform correctly if not mixed according to directions.

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Axis Coatings Pre-Clean - AXI-ASC0160-1


A premium Wax & Grease remover that is great for removing dust, sludge, fingerprints as well as rubbing compound. This solvent will not harm lacquer or enamel finishes. It also produces clean substrates for painting.

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AXI-ASC0165-1 Water-Based Pre-Clean

Water Base Pre-Clean

ASC-0165-1 is an excellent alternative to solvent based pre-cleans. Our Water Base Pre-Clean is formulated to effectively remove hand prints, salts, and fats from surfaces to be refinished. ASC-0165-1 will not dull lacquer or enamel finishes and also produces clean substrates for painting.

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