50 State Satin Coating

  • A 2 component acrylic urethane coating that is 2.8 V.O.C. compliant
  • This product is compliant for California
  • Mixes 4:1 with VACTR-4 or VACTS-4
  • An excellent coating for restoration, striping, coating frames, engine compartments, or any place a primer like coating is needed
  • Formulated to withstand the same atmospheric conditions as any single-stage urethane system
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Accelerated Urethane Reducer

AUR880 Accelerated Urethane Reducer is a uniquely formulated universal reducer designed to accelerate cure times without sacrificing quality and useable potlife. This reducer can be used in clearcoat systems.

  • Reduces dry-to-sand times by 50%
  • Slightly shortens useable potlife
  • Add 5-10% to sprayable material
  • Does not sacrifice flow, gloss, DOI or blending of clearcoats
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